Lou Thesz vs. Buddy Rogers

Lou Thesz (Aloysius Martin Thesz) faces Buddy Rogers (Herman Gustav Rohde Jr.) in a Best 2 of 3 falls match with a 60 time limit. Chicago International Amphitheatre.

Original: 16mm., B&W, Optical Sound. F.2008-04-0082.

Chicago Film Archives holds the copyright for this film and all films in the Russ & Sylvia Davis Collection.

Rogers Corner, Ray Stevens attacks Jimmy Snuka (10 16 82)

On Rogers Corner, Buddy Rogers tells Jimmy Snuka the truth about Capt. Lou Albano. As the truth sinks in, Snuka heads to the ring to face the challenge of Ray .

On Rogers Corner, Buddy Rogers gives an update on Jimmy Snuka, more details of what’s going on with Stevens/Albano and announces Snuka will be back

Nature Body Buddy Rogers -vs- Pat O’Conner for NWA World Heavyweight Title

On June 30, 1961. A record 38,622 wrestling fans saw Pat O’Conner defend the NWA World Championship against “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. This epic match took place in Chicago, IL at Comisky Park. See why this 2 out of 3 fall battle was billed the match of the century. And lived up to it’s billing. This IS Classic Wrestling.   Buddy would be vicotorious in from of this record setting crowd to become the new NWA World Champion.