Nature Boy Buddy Rogers Breaks Ankle in Montreal vs Killer Kowalski November 1962

Rogers escorted by police after breaking his ankle in Montreal against Kowalski
Rogers escorted by police after breaking his ankle in Montreal against Kowalski

In November of 1962, during a match with Killer Kowalski in Montreal, Canada Buddy Rogers suffered a broken ankle.  In this photo the Nature Boy appears dressed to the nines carrying a cane and sporting a cast on his foot while being escorted by police.

Below are the childhood memories of these events taking place from life long Buddy Rogers fan Bill Casey (now 75) who was a boy at the time.

“He was Muhammad Ali before Ali. My special moment came from watching him around 1961 from at TV outlet in Philly, where the wrestling was a set-up for coming shows at Convention Hall, this before the promotion genius of Vince McMahon. On this day, my 11-yr brother and I watched as Buddy just stopped by. He had broken his ankle in a match in Canada, and was dressed to the nines, great dark suit, expensive shirt and tie complete with cravat, and great jewelry.His cane as I recall was diamond-studded. He said to the announcer in his deep voice that he’d be back soon, as he missed the game. The announcer, who seemed like his friend, added that Buddy certainly didn’t have to come back for financial reasons. Buddy took the mike, looked straight into the camera, and said, “Jim, I just finished telling all the promoters in the Delaware Valley, if any of you fell off my bankroll, you’d break your neck” A classic sell, and my brother, with the innocence of youth said, “Billy, he means that”. Unforgettable.”

-Bill Casey
Buddy Rogers Fan




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