On This Day: November 20, 1953 Buddy Rogers vs Don Eagle – Kiel Auditorium – St Louis, MO

On this date:  Friday November 20, 1953 – Buddy Rogers faced Don Eagle One fall to a finish.  on this event at the Kiel Auditorium in St Louis, MO promoted by Sam Muchnick.

Rogers met the winner of a match between Don Eagle and Wild Bill Longson

In an interview for the events program, Buddy Rogers demands a World Heavyweight Title match with Lou Thesz.

“I’m positive this figure-four leglock can take me to the world’s heavyweight championship.” The blond bomber announced “That is, of course if I am successful in getting this bout with Thesz. I want it definitely understood that if and when I beat either Don Eagle or Longson… or BOTH… that should qualify me for a title bout. I have so notified Promoter Muchnick, but he only talks about other guys like Ray Eckert, Bobby Managoff, Joe Tangaro and such. I don’t go along with that idea at all!”



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