On This Day: November 22, 1979 – Battle of the Nature Boys – Nature Boy Buddy Rogers defeats Nature Boy Ric Flair – Norfolk, VA

Battle of the Nature Boys
Battle of the Nature Boys

On This Day:  November 22, 1979 – The Battle of The Nature Boys.  Nature Boy Buddy Rogers and Nature Boy Ric Flair met one on one in the ring for this Thanksgiving Night showdown at the Scope Coliseum in Norfolk, Virginia.  The two Nature Boys would meet on a few occasions during this feud,  but on this night The Original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers would have his hand raise in victory after Ric Flair was counted out of the ring.

Here is incredible hand-held film footage of the Battle of the Nature Boys.  The reaction from the crowd for these two legends is tremendous!!


Ric Flair vs Buddy Rogers event poster
Ric Flair vs Buddy Rogers event poster



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