WANTED! OUT OF WRESTLING – Jimmy Snuka and Buddy Rogers

Buddy Rogers and Snuka Wanted Poster
Buddy Rogers and Snuka Wanted Poster


Buddy Rogers and Jimmy Snuka

This wanted poster of Buddy Rogers and Jimmy Snuka when the Nature Boy was managing Jimmy Snuka in Mid Atlantic Wrestling late 1979.

October 17, 1979 Mid-Atlantic TV Taping

“Mr. Wrestling” Tim Woods reemerged saying he was recovering well from his injuries suffered at the hands of Buddy Rogers and Jimmy Snuka

Woods also brought out a “Wanted Poster” that said he wanted both Snuka and Rogers out of wrestling. Woods said he would be distributing these “Wanted Posters,” free of charge, at all of the arenas that he would be going to. Mr. Wrestling was also sporting a Louisville Slugger baseball bat, saying this “new friend” would be insurance for him against a possible third attack by Snuka and Rogers. Finally and quite significantly, Mr. Wrestling removed his white mask voluntarily, saying how much it meant to him and that no one had ever taken the mask off of him, and that he would leave the mask off until he evened the score with Snuka and Rogers. This gesture would show just how seriously Tim Woods was about getting even with Rogers and Snuka!



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